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ArcIterator< ContextFst< A > > Class Template Reference

#include <context-fst.h>

Inheritance diagram for ArcIterator< ContextFst< A > >:
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Public Types

typedef A::StateId StateId

Public Member Functions

 ArcIterator (const ContextFst< A > &fst, StateId s)

Private Member Functions


Detailed Description

template<class A>
class fst::ArcIterator< ContextFst< A > >

Definition at line 356 of file context-fst.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef A::StateId StateId

Definition at line 359 of file context-fst.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArcIterator ( const ContextFst< A > &  fst,
StateId  s 

Definition at line 361 of file context-fst.h.

References ContextFst< Arc, LabelT >::GetImpl().

362  : CacheArcIterator< ContextFst<A> >(fst.GetImpl(), s) {
363  if (!fst.GetImpl()->HasArcs(s)) // arcs not already computed.
364  fst.GetImpl()->Expand(s);
365  }
Definition: graph.dox:21

Member Function Documentation

DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN ( ArcIterator< ContextFst< A > >  )

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