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ContextFst< Arc, LabelT > Class Template Reference

#include <context-fst.h>

Inheritance diagram for ContextFst< Arc, LabelT >:
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Public Types

typedef Arc::Weight Weight
typedef Arc::Label Label
typedef Arc::StateId StateId
typedef DefaultCacheStore< Arc > Store
typedef Store::State State
internal::ContextFstImpl< Arc,
LabelT > 

Public Member Functions

 ContextFst (Label subsequential_symbol, const vector< LabelT > &phones, const vector< LabelT > &disambig_syms, int32 N, int32 P)
 See The ContextFst object for more details. More...
 ContextFst (const ContextFst< Arc, LabelT > &fst, bool safe=false)
ContextFst< Arc, LabelT > * Copy (bool safe=false) const override
void InitStateIterator (StateIteratorData< Arc > *data) const override
void InitArcIterator (StateId s, ArcIteratorData< Arc > *data) const override
bool CreateArc (StateId s, Label olabel, Arc *oarc) const
const vector< vector< LabelT > > & ILabelInfo () const

Private Member Functions

ContextFstoperator= (const ContextFst &fst)=delete


class ArcIterator< ContextFst< Arc > >
class StateIterator< ContextFst< Arc > >

Detailed Description

template<class Arc, class LabelT = int32>
class fst::ContextFst< Arc, LabelT >

Definition at line 207 of file context-fst.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef internal::ContextFstImpl<Arc, LabelT> Impl

Definition at line 217 of file context-fst.h.

typedef Arc::Label Label

Definition at line 213 of file context-fst.h.

typedef Store::State State

Definition at line 216 of file context-fst.h.

typedef Arc::StateId StateId

Definition at line 214 of file context-fst.h.

typedef DefaultCacheStore<Arc> Store

Definition at line 215 of file context-fst.h.

typedef Arc::Weight Weight

Definition at line 212 of file context-fst.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ContextFst ( Label  subsequential_symbol,
const vector< LabelT > &  phones,
const vector< LabelT > &  disambig_syms,
int32  N,
int32  P 

See The ContextFst object for more details.

Definition at line 220 of file context-fst.h.

225  : ImplToFst<Impl>(std::make_shared<Impl>(
226  subsequential_symbol, phones, disambig_syms, N, P)) {
227  assert(std::numeric_limits<LabelT>::is_signed);
228  }
ContextFst ( const ContextFst< Arc, LabelT > &  fst,
bool  safe = false 

Definition at line 230 of file context-fst.h.

231  : ImplToFst<Impl>(fst, safe) {}
Definition: graph.dox:21

Member Function Documentation

ContextFst<Arc, LabelT>* Copy ( bool  safe = false) const

Definition at line 233 of file context-fst.h.

233  {
234  return new ContextFst<Arc, LabelT>(*this, safe);
235  }
bool CreateArc ( StateId  s,
Label  olabel,
Arc *  oarc 
) const

Definition at line 248 of file context-fst.h.

Referenced by ContextMatcher< Arc, LabelT >::Find().

248  {
249  return GetMutableImpl()->CreateArc(s, olabel, oarc);
250  }
const vector<vector<LabelT> >& ILabelInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 253 of file context-fst.h.

Referenced by TrainingGraphCompiler::CompileGraphs(), fst::ComposeContext(), and fst::TestContextFst().

253  {
254  return GetImpl()->ILabelInfo();
255  }
void InitArcIterator ( StateId  s,
ArcIteratorData< Arc > *  data 
) const

Definition at line 239 of file context-fst.h.

239  {
240  GetMutableImpl()->InitArcIterator(s, data);
241  }
ContextFst& operator= ( const ContextFst< Arc, LabelT > &  fst)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ArcIterator< ContextFst< Arc > >

Definition at line 209 of file context-fst.h.

friend class StateIterator< ContextFst< Arc > >

Definition at line 210 of file context-fst.h.

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