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About this website

Due to the long-running Sourceforge outage that occurred starting July 16th, this site is now the primary home of the Kaldi project. Please now use as the canonical location of the Kaldi documentation

Kaldi's code now lives at To checkout (i.e. clone in the git terminology) the most recent changes, you can use this command git clone or follow the github link and click "Download in zip" on the github page (right hand side of the web page)

This website also hosts Kaldi model builds, i.e. the outputs of running Kaldi recipes.

To browse the model builds that are available, please click on downloads.

For instructions on how to upload your own model builds, see Uploading your builds.

This site is being hosted in the Google cloud, with the help of Google Cloud Platform credits (thanks, Google). If you have any suggestion of how to improve the site, please contact me. The source scripts for the site can be found at