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This page contains Kaldi models available for download as .tar.gz archives. They may be downloaded and used for any purpose. Older models can be found on the downloads page. If you have models you would like to share on this page please contact us.

Resource Name Category Summary
M1 ASpIRE Chain Model ASR A chain model trained on multi-condition Fisher English
M2 CVTE Mandarin Model ASR A Mandarin TDNN chain model trained on commercial data
M3 SRE16 Xvector Model SID An xvector DNN trained on augmented LDC corpora
M4 ASpIRE SAD Model SAD A TDNN used for speech activity detection
M5 Tedlium Language Models LM LMs trained on Cantab-Tedlium text data and tedlium acoustic training data
M6 Callhome Diarization Xvector Model DIAR An xvector DNN trained on augmented LDC corpora
M7 VoxCeleb Models SID Pretrained wideband x-vector and i-vector systems
M8 SITW Models SID Systems trained on VoxCeleb 1 and 2 for Speakers in the Wild