PackedMatrix< Real > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PackedMatrix< Real >, including all inherited members.

AddPacked(const Real alpha, const PackedMatrix< Real > &M)PackedMatrix< Real >protected
AddToDiag(const Real r)PackedMatrix< Real >
CopyFromPacked(const PackedMatrix< OtherReal > &orig)PackedMatrix< Real >
CopyFromVec(const SubVector< OtherReal > &orig)PackedMatrix< Real >
CuPackedMatrix< Real > classPackedMatrix< Real >friend
Data()PackedMatrix< Real >inline
Data() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
data_PackedMatrix< Real >protected
Destroy()PackedMatrix< Real >
Init(MatrixIndexT dim)PackedMatrix< Real >inlineprivate
Max() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
Min() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
num_rows_PackedMatrix< Real >protected
NumCols() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
NumRows() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
operator()(MatrixIndexT r, MatrixIndexT c) constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
operator()(MatrixIndexT r, MatrixIndexT c)PackedMatrix< Real >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const PackedMatrix< Real > &m)PackedMatrix< Real >friend
operator=(const PackedMatrix< Real > &other)PackedMatrix< Real >inline
PackedMatrix()PackedMatrix< Real >inline
PackedMatrix(MatrixIndexT r, MatrixResizeType resize_type=kSetZero)PackedMatrix< Real >inlineexplicit
PackedMatrix(const PackedMatrix< Real > &orig)PackedMatrix< Real >inlineexplicit
PackedMatrix(const PackedMatrix< OtherReal > &orig)PackedMatrix< Real >inlineexplicit
Read(std::istream &in, bool binary, bool add=false)PackedMatrix< Real >
Resize(MatrixIndexT nRows, MatrixResizeType resize_type=kSetZero)PackedMatrix< Real >
Scale(Real c)PackedMatrix< Real >
ScaleDiag(const Real alpha)PackedMatrix< Real >
SetDiag(const Real alpha)PackedMatrix< Real >
SetRandn()PackedMatrix< Real >
SetUnit()PackedMatrix< Real >
SetZero()PackedMatrix< Real >
SizeInBytes() constPackedMatrix< Real >inline
Swap(PackedMatrix< Real > *other)PackedMatrix< Real >
Swap(Matrix< Real > *other)PackedMatrix< Real >
Trace() constPackedMatrix< Real >
Write(std::ostream &out, bool binary) constPackedMatrix< Real >
~PackedMatrix()PackedMatrix< Real >inline