am-sgmm2.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "base/kaldi-common.h"
#include "matrix/matrix-lib.h"
#include "gmm/model-common.h"
#include "gmm/diag-gmm.h"
#include "gmm/full-gmm.h"
#include "itf/options-itf.h"
#include "util/table-types.h"
#include "util/kaldi-thread.h"
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struct  Sgmm2SplitSubstatesConfig
struct  Sgmm2GselectConfig
struct  Sgmm2PerFrameDerivedVars
 Holds the per-frame precomputed quantities x(t), x_{i}(t), z_{i}(t), and n_{i}(t) (cf. More...
class  Sgmm2PerSpkDerivedVars
struct  Sgmm2LikelihoodCache
 Sgmm2LikelihoodCache caches SGMM likelihoods at two levels: the final pdf likelihoods, and the sub-state level likelihoods, which means that with the SCTM system we can avoid redundant computation. More...
struct  Sgmm2LikelihoodCache::SubstateCacheElement
struct  Sgmm2LikelihoodCache::PdfCacheElement
class  AmSgmm2
 Class for definition of the subspace Gmm acoustic model. More...
struct  Sgmm2GauPostElement
 This is the entry for a single time. More...
class  Sgmm2GauPost
 indexed by time. More...


 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


typedef KaldiObjectHolder< Sgmm2GauPost > Sgmm2GauPostHolder
typedef RandomAccessTableReader< Sgmm2GauPostHolder > RandomAccessSgmm2GauPostReader
typedef SequentialTableReader< Sgmm2GauPostHolder > SequentialSgmm2GauPostReader
typedef TableWriter< Sgmm2GauPostHolder > Sgmm2GauPostWriter


void ComputeFeatureNormalizingTransform (const FullGmm &gmm, Matrix< BaseFloat > *xform)
 Computes the inverse of an LDA transform (without dimensionality reduction) The computed transform is used in initializing the phonetic and speaker subspaces, as well as while increasing the dimensions of those spaces. More...