deterministic-fst.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include <fst/fstlib.h>
#include <fst/fst-decl.h>
#include "util/stl-utils.h"
#include "deterministic-fst-inl.h"
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class  DeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc >
 class DeterministicOnDemandFst is an "FST-like" base-class. More...
class  BackoffDeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc >
 This class wraps an Fst, representing a language model, using the interface for "BackoffDeterministicOnDemandFst". More...
class  ScaleDeterministicOnDemandFst
 Class ScaleDeterministicOnDemandFst takes another DeterministicOnDemandFst and scales the weights (like applying a language-model scale). More...
class  UnweightedNgramFst< Arc >
 The class UnweightedNgramFst is a DeterministicOnDemandFst whose states encode an n-gram history. More...
class  ComposeDeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc >
class  CacheDeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc >
class  LmExampleDeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc >
 This class is for didactic purposes, it does not really do anything. More...


 For an extended explanation of the framework of which grammar-fsts are a part, please see Support for grammars and graphs with on-the-fly parts. (i.e.


template<class Arc >
void ComposeDeterministicOnDemand (const Fst< Arc > &fst1, DeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc > *fst2, MutableFst< Arc > *fst_composed)
template<class Arc >
void ComposeDeterministicOnDemandInverse (const Fst< Arc > &fst1, DeterministicOnDemandFst< Arc > *fst2, MutableFst< Arc > *fst_composed)
 This function does '*fst_composed = Compose(Inverse(*fst2), fst1)' Note that the arguments are reversed; this is unfortunate but it's because the fst2 argument needs to be non-const and non-const arguments must follow const ones. More...