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struct  EbwOptions
struct  EbwWeightOptions


 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


void UpdateEbwDiagGmm (const AccumDiagGmm &num_stats, const AccumDiagGmm &den_stats, GmmFlagsType flags, const EbwOptions &opts, DiagGmm *gmm, BaseFloat *auxf_change_out, BaseFloat *count_out, int32 *num_floored_out)
void UpdateEbwAmDiagGmm (const AccumAmDiagGmm &num_stats, const AccumAmDiagGmm &den_stats, GmmFlagsType flags, const EbwOptions &opts, AmDiagGmm *am_gmm, BaseFloat *auxf_change_out, BaseFloat *count_out, int32 *num_floored_out)
void UpdateEbwWeightsDiagGmm (const AccumDiagGmm &num_stats, const AccumDiagGmm &den_stats, const EbwWeightOptions &opts, DiagGmm *gmm, BaseFloat *auxf_change_out, BaseFloat *count_out)
void UpdateEbwWeightsAmDiagGmm (const AccumAmDiagGmm &num_stats, const AccumAmDiagGmm &den_stats, const EbwWeightOptions &opts, AmDiagGmm *am_gmm, BaseFloat *auxf_change_out, BaseFloat *count_out)
void IsmoothStatsDiagGmm (const AccumDiagGmm &src_stats, double tau, AccumDiagGmm *dst_stats)
 I-Smooth the stats. src_stats and dst_stats do not have to be different. More...
void DiagGmmToStats (const DiagGmm &gmm, GmmFlagsType flags, double state_occ, AccumDiagGmm *dst_stats)
 Creates stats from the GMM. Resizes them as needed. More...
void IsmoothStatsAmDiagGmm (const AccumAmDiagGmm &src_stats, double tau, AccumAmDiagGmm *dst_stats)
 Smooth "dst_stats" with "src_stats". More...
void IsmoothStatsAmDiagGmmFromModel (const AmDiagGmm &src_model, double tau, AccumAmDiagGmm *dst_stats)
 This version of the I-smoothing function takes a model as input. More...