grammar-fst.h File Reference
#include "fst/fstlib.h"
#include "fstext/grammar-context-fst.h"
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struct  GrammarFstArc
class  GrammarFst
 GrammarFst is an FST that is 'stitched together' from multiple FSTs, that can recursively incorporate each other. More...
struct  GrammarFst::ExpandedState
 Represents an expanded state in an FstInstance. More...
struct  GrammarFst::FstInstance
class  ArcIterator< GrammarFst >
 This is the overridden template for class ArcIterator for GrammarFst. More...


 For an extended explanation of the framework of which grammar-fsts are a part, please see Support for grammars and graphs with on-the-fly parts. (i.e.




void CopyToVectorFst (GrammarFst *grammar_fst, VectorFst< StdArc > *vector_fst)
 This function copies a GrammarFst to a VectorFst (intended mostly for testing and comparison purposes). More...
void PrepareForGrammarFst (int32 nonterm_phones_offset, VectorFst< StdArc > *fst)
 This function prepares 'ifst' for use in GrammarFst: it ensures that it has the expected properties, changing it slightly as needed. More...

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