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#include "base/io-funcs.h"
#include "base/kaldi-math.h"
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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


void WriteBasicType< bool > (std::ostream &os, bool binary, bool b)
void ReadBasicType< bool > (std::istream &is, bool binary, bool *b)
void WriteBasicType< float > (std::ostream &os, bool binary, float f)
void WriteBasicType< double > (std::ostream &os, bool binary, double f)
void ReadBasicType< float > (std::istream &is, bool binary, float *f)
void ReadBasicType< double > (std::istream &is, bool binary, double *d)
void CheckToken (const char *token)
void WriteToken (std::ostream &os, bool binary, const char *token)
 The WriteToken functions are for writing nonempty sequences of non-space characters. More...
int Peek (std::istream &is, bool binary)
 Peek consumes whitespace (if binary == false) and then returns the peek() value of the stream. More...
void WriteToken (std::ostream &os, bool binary, const std::string &token)
void ReadToken (std::istream &is, bool binary, std::string *token)
 ReadToken gets the next token and puts it in str (exception on failure). More...
int PeekToken (std::istream &is, bool binary)
 PeekToken will return the first character of the next token, or -1 if end of file. More...
void ExpectToken (std::istream &is, bool binary, const char *token)
 ExpectToken tries to read in the given token, and throws an exception on failure. More...
void ExpectToken (std::istream &is, bool binary, const std::string &token)