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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


bool ParseMatrixRangeSpecifier (const std::string &range, const int rows, const int cols, std::vector< int32 > *row_range, std::vector< int32 > *col_range)
bool ExtractObjectRange (const GeneralMatrix &input, const std::string &range, GeneralMatrix *output)
 GeneralMatrix is always of type BaseFloat. More...
template<class Real >
bool ExtractObjectRange (const CompressedMatrix &input, const std::string &range, Matrix< Real > *output)
 CompressedMatrix is always of the type BaseFloat but it is more efficient to provide template as it uses CompressedMatrix's own conversion to Matrix<Real> More...
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const CompressedMatrix &, const std::string &, Matrix< float > *)
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const CompressedMatrix &, const std::string &, Matrix< double > *)
template<class Real >
bool ExtractObjectRange (const Matrix< Real > &input, const std::string &range, Matrix< Real > *output)
 The template is specialized with a version that actually does something, for types Matrix<float> and Matrix<double>. More...
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const Matrix< double > &, const std::string &, Matrix< double > *)
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const Matrix< float > &, const std::string &, Matrix< float > *)
template<class Real >
bool ExtractObjectRange (const Vector< Real > &input, const std::string &range, Vector< Real > *output)
 The template is specialized types Vector<float> and Vector<double>. More...
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const Vector< double > &, const std::string &, Vector< double > *)
template bool ExtractObjectRange (const Vector< float > &, const std::string &, Vector< float > *)
bool ExtractRangeSpecifier (const std::string &rxfilename_with_range, std::string *data_rxfilename, std::string *range)