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lattice-simple-decoder.h File Reference
#include "util/stl-utils.h"
#include "fst/fstlib.h"
#include "itf/decodable-itf.h"
#include "fstext/fstext-lib.h"
#include "lat/determinize-lattice-pruned.h"
#include "lat/kaldi-lattice.h"
#include <algorithm>
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struct  LatticeSimpleDecoderConfig
class  LatticeSimpleDecoder
 Simplest possible decoder, included largely for didactic purposes and as a means to debug more highly optimized decoders. More...
struct  LatticeSimpleDecoder::ForwardLink
struct  LatticeSimpleDecoder::Token
struct  LatticeSimpleDecoder::TokenList


 Relabels neural network egs with the read pdf-id alignments.