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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:




template<typename Real >
void ComplexFt (const VectorBase< Real > &in, VectorBase< Real > *out, bool forward)
 ComplexFt is the same as ComplexFft but it implements the Fourier transform in an inefficient way. More...
template void ComplexFt (const VectorBase< float > &in, VectorBase< float > *out, bool forward)
template void ComplexFt (const VectorBase< double > &in, VectorBase< double > *out, bool forward)
template<typename Real >
void ComplexFftRecursive (Real *data, int nffts, int N, const int *factor_begin, const int *factor_end, bool forward, Vector< Real > *tmp_vec)
 ComplexFftRecursive is a recursive function that computes the complex FFT of size N. More...
template<typename Real >
void ComplexFft (VectorBase< Real > *v, bool forward, Vector< Real > *tmp_work=NULL)
 The function ComplexFft does an Fft on the vector argument v. More...
template<typename Real >
void RealFftInefficient (VectorBase< Real > *v, bool forward)
 Inefficient version of Fourier transform, for testing purposes. More...
template void RealFftInefficient (VectorBase< float > *v, bool forward)
template void RealFftInefficient (VectorBase< double > *v, bool forward)
template void ComplexFft (VectorBase< float > *v, bool forward, Vector< float > *tmp_in)
template void ComplexFft (VectorBase< double > *v, bool forward, Vector< double > *tmp_in)
template<typename Real >
void RealFft (VectorBase< Real > *v, bool forward)
 RealFft is a fourier transform of real inputs. More...
template void RealFft (VectorBase< float > *v, bool forward)
template void RealFft (VectorBase< double > *v, bool forward)
template<typename Real >
void ComputeDctMatrix (Matrix< Real > *M)
 ComputeDctMatrix computes a matrix corresponding to the DCT, such that M * v equals the DCT of vector v. More...
template void ComputeDctMatrix (Matrix< float > *M)
template void ComputeDctMatrix (Matrix< double > *M)
template<typename Real >
void ComputePca (const MatrixBase< Real > &X, MatrixBase< Real > *U, MatrixBase< Real > *A, bool print_eigs=false, bool exact=true)
 ComputePCA does a PCA computation, using either outer products or inner products, whichever is more efficient. More...
template void ComputePca (const MatrixBase< float > &X, MatrixBase< float > *U, MatrixBase< float > *A, bool print_eigs, bool exact)
template void ComputePca (const MatrixBase< double > &X, MatrixBase< double > *U, MatrixBase< double > *A, bool print_eigs, bool exact)
template<typename Real >
void AddOuterProductPlusMinus (Real alpha, const VectorBase< Real > &a, const VectorBase< Real > &b, MatrixBase< Real > *plus, MatrixBase< Real > *minus)
template void AddOuterProductPlusMinus< float > (float alpha, const VectorBase< float > &a, const VectorBase< float > &b, MatrixBase< float > *plus, MatrixBase< float > *minus)
template void AddOuterProductPlusMinus< double > (double alpha, const VectorBase< double > &a, const VectorBase< double > &b, MatrixBase< double > *plus, MatrixBase< double > *minus)

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