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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


typedef uint16 GmmFlagsType
 Bitwise OR of the above flags. More...
typedef uint16 SgmmUpdateFlagsType
 Bitwise OR of the above flags. More...
typedef uint16 SgmmWriteFlagsType
 Bitwise OR of the above flags. More...


enum  GmmUpdateFlags {
  kGmmMeans = 0x001, kGmmVariances = 0x002, kGmmWeights = 0x004, kGmmTransitions = 0x008,
  kGmmAll = 0x00F
enum  SgmmUpdateFlags {
  kSgmmPhoneVectors = 0x001, kSgmmPhoneProjections = 0x002, kSgmmPhoneWeightProjections = 0x004, kSgmmCovarianceMatrix = 0x008,
  kSgmmSubstateWeights = 0x010, kSgmmSpeakerProjections = 0x020, kSgmmTransitions = 0x040, kSgmmSpeakerWeightProjections = 0x080,
  kSgmmAll = 0x0FF
enum  SgmmWriteFlags {
  kSgmmGlobalParams = 0x001, kSgmmStateParams = 0x002, kSgmmNormalizers = 0x004, kSgmmBackgroundGmms = 0x008,
  kSgmmWriteAll = 0x00F


GmmFlagsType StringToGmmFlags (std::string str)
 Convert string which is some subset of "mSwa" to flags. More...
std::string GmmFlagsToString (GmmFlagsType gmm_flags)
 Convert GMM flags to string. More...
GmmFlagsType AugmentGmmFlags (GmmFlagsType f)
 Returns "augmented" version of flags: e.g. More...
SgmmUpdateFlagsType StringToSgmmUpdateFlags (std::string str)
SgmmUpdateFlagsType StringToSgmmWriteFlags (std::string str)
void GetSplitTargets (const Vector< BaseFloat > &state_occs, int32 target_components, BaseFloat power, BaseFloat min_count, std::vector< int32 > *targets)
 Get Gaussian-mixture or substate-mixture splitting targets, according to a power rule (e.g. More...