nnet-functions.cc File Reference
#include "nnet2/nnet-nnet.h"
#include "util/stl-utils.h"
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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


int32 IndexOfSoftmaxLayer (const Nnet &nnet)
 If "nnet" has exactly one softmax layer, this function will return its index; otherwise it will return -1. More...
void InsertComponents (const Nnet &src_nnet, int32 c, Nnet *dest_nnet)
 Inserts the components of one neural network into a particular place in the other one. More...
void ReplaceLastComponents (const Nnet &src_nnet, int32 num_to_remove, Nnet *dest_nnet)
 Removes the last "num_to_remove" components and adds the components from "src_nnet". More...