nnet-optimize.cc File Reference
#include <iomanip>
#include "nnet3/nnet-optimize.h"
#include "nnet3/nnet-optimize-utils.h"
#include "nnet3/nnet-utils.h"
#include "base/timer.h"
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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


void MoveSizingCommands (const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This optimization moves commands that allocate and zero matrices to as late as possible, and moves commands that deallocate matrices to as early as possible. More...
void RemoveUnnecessaryZeroing (const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This optimization function removes, where possible, commands of type type kSetConst. More...
static void ComputeCommandPairs (const std::pair< std::vector< int32 >, std::vector< int32 > > &lists, std::vector< std::pair< int32, int32 > > *pairs)
void RemoveUnnecessaryAllocation (const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This optimization detects cases where we deallocate a matrix, and then later allocate another matrix of the same size; and replaces them with commands of type kAllocFromOther or kAllocFromOtherZeroed. More...
void VariableMergingOptimization (const NnetOptimizeOptions &config, const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This wraps class VariableMergingOptimizer in a simplified interface. More...
void ConvertAdditionToAssignment (const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This converts addition operations (things with Add in their names) to copy operations (things with Copy in their names). More...
int32 MaxOutputTimeInRequest (const ComputationRequest &request)
void Optimize (const NnetOptimizeOptions &config, const Nnet &nnet, int32 max_output_time_in_request, NnetComputation *computation)
 This is the top-level function for optimizing a computation. More...
static void SplitComputationIntoSegments (const NnetComputation &computation, std::vector< std::pair< int32, int32 > > *segments)
 Split the computation up into segments bounded by kNoOperationMarker. More...
void ConsolidateIoOperations (const Nnet &nnet, NnetComputation *computation)
 This optimization puts the input operations (kAcceptInput) and output operations (kProvideOutput) at the very beginning or end of segments of computation, respectively. More...