parse-options.h File Reference
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/kaldi-common.h"
#include "itf/options-itf.h"
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class  ParseOptions
 The class ParseOptions is for parsing command-line options; see Parsing command-line options for more documentation. More...
struct  ParseOptions::DocInfo
 Structure for options' documentation. More...


 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


template<class C >
void ReadConfigFromFile (const std::string &config_filename, C *c)
 This template is provided for convenience in reading config classes from files; this is not the standard way to read configuration options, but may occasionally be needed. More...
template<class C1 , class C2 >
void ReadConfigsFromFile (const std::string &conf, C1 *c1, C2 *c2)
 This variant of the template ReadConfigFromFile is for if you need to read two config classes from the same file. More...