LatticeDeterminizerPruned< Weight, IntType >::TaskCompare Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

int operator() (const Task *t1, const Task *t2)

Detailed Description

template<class Weight, class IntType>
struct fst::LatticeDeterminizerPruned< Weight, IntType >::TaskCompare

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Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

int operator() ( const Task t1,
const Task t2 

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References LatticeDeterminizerPruned< Weight, IntType >::Task::priority_cost.

1157  {
1158  // view this like operator <, which is the default template parameter
1159  // to std::priority_queue.
1160  // returns true if t1 is worse than t2.
1161  return (t1->priority_cost > t2->priority_cost);
1162  }

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