OnlineGmmAdaptationState Struct Reference

#include <online-gmm-decoding.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Write (std::ostream &out_stream, bool binary) const
void Read (std::istream &in_stream, bool binary)

Public Attributes

OnlineCmvnState cmvn_state
FmllrDiagGmmAccs spk_stats
Matrix< BaseFloattransform

Detailed Description

Definition at line 199 of file online-gmm-decoding.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Read()

void Read ( std::istream &  in_stream,
bool  binary 

Definition at line 26 of file

References OnlineGmmAdaptationState::cmvn_state, kaldi::ExpectToken(), FmllrDiagGmmAccs::Read(), OnlineCmvnState::Read(), Matrix< Real >::Read(), OnlineGmmAdaptationState::spk_stats, and OnlineGmmAdaptationState::transform.

26  {
27  ExpectToken(in_stream, binary, "<ONLINEGMMADAPTATIONSTATE>");
28  ExpectToken(in_stream, binary, "<TRANSFORM>");
29  transform.Read(in_stream, binary);
30  ExpectToken(in_stream, binary, "<CMVNSTATS>");
31  cmvn_state.Read(in_stream, binary);
32  ExpectToken(in_stream, binary, "<SPKSTATS>");
33  spk_stats.Read(in_stream, binary, false);
34  ExpectToken(in_stream, binary, "</ONLINEGMMADAPTATIONSTATE>");
35 }
void Read(std::istream &in, bool binary, bool add=false)
read from stream.
void Read(std::istream &is, bool binary)
void ExpectToken(std::istream &is, bool binary, const char *token)
ExpectToken tries to read in the given token, and throws an exception on failure. ...
void Read(std::istream &in, bool binary, bool add)

◆ Write()

void Write ( std::ostream &  out_stream,
bool  binary 
) const

Definition at line 37 of file

References OnlineGmmAdaptationState::cmvn_state, OnlineGmmAdaptationState::spk_stats, OnlineGmmAdaptationState::transform, AffineXformStats::Write(), OnlineCmvnState::Write(), MatrixBase< Real >::Write(), and kaldi::WriteToken().

37  {
38  WriteToken(out_stream, binary, "<ONLINEGMMADAPTATIONSTATE>");
39  WriteToken(out_stream, binary, "<TRANSFORM>");
40  transform.Write(out_stream, binary);
41  WriteToken(out_stream, binary, "<CMVNSTATS>");
42  cmvn_state.Write(out_stream, binary);
43  WriteToken(out_stream, binary, "<SPKSTATS>");
44  spk_stats.Write(out_stream, binary);
45  WriteToken(out_stream, binary, "</ONLINEGMMADAPTATIONSTATE>");
46 }
void Write(std::ostream &out, bool binary) const
write to stream.
void Write(std::ostream &os, bool binary) const
void Write(std::ostream &out, bool binary) const
void WriteToken(std::ostream &os, bool binary, const char *token)
The WriteToken functions are for writing nonempty sequences of non-space characters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cmvn_state

◆ spk_stats

◆ transform

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