PldaStats::ClassInfo Struct Reference

#include <plda.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool operator< (const ClassInfo &other) const
 ClassInfo (double weight, Vector< double > *mean, int32 num_examples)

Public Attributes

double weight
Vector< double > * mean
int32 num_examples

Detailed Description

Definition at line 208 of file plda.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClassInfo()

ClassInfo ( double  weight,
Vector< double > *  mean,
int32  num_examples 

Definition at line 216 of file plda.h.

216  :
Vector< double > * mean
Definition: plda.h:210

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool operator< ( const ClassInfo other) const

Definition at line 213 of file plda.h.

References PldaStats::ClassInfo::num_examples.

213  {
214  return (num_examples < other.num_examples);
215  }

Member Data Documentation

◆ mean

Vector<double>* mean

◆ num_examples

◆ weight

double weight

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