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DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::LatticeInfo Struct Reference

#include <discriminative-supervision.h>

Collaboration diagram for DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::LatticeInfo:

Public Member Functions

void Check () const

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > alpha
std::vector< double > beta
std::vector< int32 > state_times

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file discriminative-supervision.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Check ( ) const

Definition at line 196 of file

References DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::LatticeInfo::alpha, DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::LatticeInfo::beta, kaldi::IsSorted(), KALDI_ASSERT, and DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::LatticeInfo::state_times.

Referenced by DiscriminativeSupervisionSplitter::ComputeLatticeScores().

196  {
197  // Check if all the vectors are of size num_states
198  KALDI_ASSERT(state_times.size() == alpha.size() &&
199  state_times.size() == beta.size());
201  // Check that the states are ordered in increasing order of state_times.
202  // This must be true since the states are in breadth-first search order.
204 }
bool IsSorted(const std::vector< T > &vec)
Returns true if the vector is sorted.
Definition: stl-utils.h:47
#define KALDI_ASSERT(cond)
Definition: kaldi-error.h:169

Member Data Documentation

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