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Versions of Kaldi

Versioning scheme

During its lifetime, Kaldi has has three different versioning methods. Originally Kaldi was a subversion (svn)-based project, and was hosted on Sourceforge. Then Kaldi was moved to github, and for some time the only version-number available was the git hash of the commit.

In January 2017 we introduced a version number scheme. The first version of Kaldi was 5.0.0, in recognition of the fact that the project had already existed for quite a long time. The basic scheme is major/minor/patch, but the "patch" version number may also encompass features (usually back-compatible ones). The "patch number" automatically increases whenever a commit to Kaldi is merged on github.

We only intend to change the major or minor version number when making relatively larger changes, or non-back compatible changes. Version 5.1 of Kaldi is currently being prepared. When that is finished (probably in early Feburary 2017), the latest version of 5.0.x will be backed up to a branch named '5.0', and 'master' will point to version 5.1.0. We may continue to update the 5.0 branch with fixes and the like, depending on demand.

We always plan to recommend that Kaldi users check out the latest version of 'master', since actively supporting multiple versions would increase our workload.

Versions (and changes)

This section lists the version numbers of Kaldi with the commit messages for each patch commit (by "patch commit" we mean a commit that does not increase the major or minor version number). Each time we add a new major/minor version number we will include a longer section explaining the changes involved.

Version 5.0

This is the first major/minor version number after introducing the versioning scheme. The latest revision of version 5.0 is saved as branch "5.0" on github.

Specific patches:

5.0.0 c160a98 2017-01-05 [build] Adding versioning mechanism to Kaldi. This is version 5.0.0 (#1306)

5.0.1 e5e03a0 2016-12-27 nnet3: Remove double return ans introduced in 6850798ab. (#1291)

5.0.2 8918711 2016-12-06 Merge pull request #1251 from freewym/bug_fix

5.0.3 463ef75 2016-11-13 WIP: BackpropTruncationComponent (#1126)

5.0.4 88b1833 2016-11-13 Cosmetic changes in nnet3 code

5.0.5 671bb14 2016-11-13 Some code refactoring that will make it easier to implement online recognition in nnet3. Not fully debugged.

5.0.6 931723f 2016-11-13 Some bug fixes to previous commit (RE refactoring code in nnet3).

5.0.7 109b7e9 2016-11-13 Further refactoring to nnet3 compilation to make it easier to implement online computation.

5.0.8 f5a2731 2016-11-13 Fix a few bugs shown up by valgrind testing

5.0.9 91ae41c 2016-11-13 Refactoring generation of the computation 'steps' for more clarity and to allow online computation. Add a basic test for multi-segment computation.

5.0.10 1e92e2a 2016-11-13 Some minor refactoring to make online computation easier (remove unused/unnecessary 'request' args for optimization).

5.0.11 6213041 2016-11-13 Further progress [note, this is partial work, backing up. Search for TODO.

5.0.12 2a6dff4 2016-11-13 Going some way towards optimization for online decoding (identified pieces to splice).

5.0.13 5cba3b8 2016-11-13 Get the online optimization code working to the point where the tests run.

5.0.14 8092189 2016-11-13 Add a couple of previously omitted files

5.0.15 484d549 2016-11-13 Change name from online to looped (less confusable)

5.0.16 c605ade 2016-11-13 Finishing the decodable objects (not yet for online computatoin), and add tests, and debug to the extent that the tests succeed.

5.0.17 5a8e7ff 2016-11-13 Add decoding program nnet3-latgen-faster-looped

5.0.18 95590f3 2016-11-13 Fix bug discovered by testing code

5.0.19 3f0444a 2016-11-30 Fix bug discovered by TDNN decoding script

5.0.20 9679545 2016-11-30 Merge pull request #31 from tomkocse/looped_bugfix

5.0.21 1057b83 2016-12-07 Early parts of 'shortcut' compilation

5.0.22 f6d307b 2016-12-08 Early parts of 'shortcut' compilation

5.0.23 98b2813 2016-12-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/looped_computation' into shortcut

5.0.24 2b05721 2016-12-09 Adding another optimization to convert row-wise to whole-matrix ops where possible.

5.0.25 4796595 2016-12-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/shortcut' into shortcut

5.0.26 420b2cb 2016-12-12 Add new type of optimization of per-row commands; finish some of the internal code for shortcut compilation.

5.0.27 83f205a 2016-12-14 Getting shortcut compilation to the point where it's testable (test failing thouth)

5.0.28 d30c297 2016-12-15 Fix various bugs in shortcut compilation; add further testing code

5.0.29 7becd47 2016-12-15 Small documentation fix

5.0.30 60f79dc 2016-12-15 Remove no-longer-used option --cut-zero-frames from chain supervision-creation code

5.0.31 37bffd2 2016-12-16 Some draft code, on the way to changing egs-extraction code to allow different-sized egs, and different begin/end l/r context

5.0.32 f8afcbe 2016-12-19 Draft of UtteranceSplitter and related code

5.0.33 53a4df9 2016-12-23 Refactoring the example-extraction for nnet3, for more flexibility in the num-frames for examples. This code compiles but is not tested.

5.0.34 92563ea 2016-12-26 Some partial work towards getting the new egs-merging process working (currently only for regular nnet3 egs)

5.0.35 be2b640 2016-12-28 Finish upgrades to eg-merging code for chain and discriminative examples. Compiles but not tested.

5.0.36 5567006 2016-12-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.37 1245df5 2016-12-29 [scripts][nnet3] Remove valid-{left,right}-context and priors-{left,right}-context from scripts, making them the same as regular context; use regular chunk-width for validation egs, not 1.

5.0.38 078753b 2016-12-29 Removing the --reduce-frames-per-eg option as a simplification prior to changes to frames-per-eg code

5.0.39 9b29d2a 2016-12-29 Modify scripts to use --max-deriv-time-relative option in place of --max-deriv-time (removes need to know num-frames)

5.0.40 daa2962 2016-12-29 Modify nnet3 python scripts to accept comma-separated alternatives in --egs.chunk-width options; remove deprecated option --num-bptt-steps.

5.0.41 b82dadb 2016-12-29 Modifying nnet3 scripts to accept more general form of minibatch-size strings (rules, not just ints.)

5.0.42 350fc49 2016-12-30 Reverting a couple previous changes to local scripts which turned out to be unnecessary

5.0.43 9c2fbcc 2016-12-30 Change nnet3 python scripts to support {left-right}-context-{initial,final} options

5.0.44 b50f7f6 2016-12-31 Add diagnostics to UtteranceSplitter; Various fixes.

5.0.45 93598d2 2017-01-01 Various code and script fixes

5.0.46 82fe0a9 2017-01-01 Change how descriptors behave in nnet3 (Issue #1125)

5.0.47 977805c 2017-01-01 Various code fixes and additional diagnostics

5.0.48 f989544 2017-01-04 Various unrelated fixes to nnet3 code.

5.0.49 b8db0d3 2017-01-05 Add code and scripts for LSTM with bounded activation

5.0.50 cf252ba 2017-01-05 Add steps/nnet3/

5.0.51 53e33dc 2017-01-06 [scripts] nnet3 scripts: minor bug fixes in error-handling code (#1321)

5.0.52 e1150a4 2017-01-06 Updating egs-generation scripts to use new-style options for iVectors

5.0.53 e5497f9 2017-01-06 Updating SetZero() to also zero stats.

5.0.54 3ab4505 2017-01-06 tedlium script changes; renaming max-cell-value to decay-time in LSTM scripts

5.0.55 f15be63 2017-01-06 [scripts] minor updates of scripts in nnet1 (#1318)

5.0.56 a2d072b 2017-01-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.57 36c8a7b 2017-01-06 Add timing info to looped compilation

5.0.58 735b2b1 2017-01-06 [egs] minor fix in fisher_swbd/s5/local/chain/ (#1320)

5.0.59 a4b2091 2017-01-07 added reverberation based augmentation recipe for TDNN+LSTM model on AMI; a fix to aspire recipe (#1314)

5.0.60 db4e85b 2017-01-07 Various bug fixes in scripts and code

5.0.61 5cdbd18 2017-01-07 [build] Makefile changes: print time for tests; dash-compatibility change (#1322)

5.0.62 27aaec6 2017-01-08 Add ConstantComponent [better alternative to ConstantFunctionComponent, now deprecated] and test it.

5.0.63 e09e92f 2017-01-08 [egs] minor fixes for mandarin recipes (#1325)

5.0.64 722df9a 2017-01-09 [build] Fix dash problems [set shell to /bin/bash in Makefile]

5.0.65 f646952 2017-01-09 [build] src/base/ change regexp syntax to support older bash versions. (#1327)

5.0.66 5f15d25 2017-01-10 [egs] cosmetic; small typo fix in sre08 i-vector DNN extraction (#1330)

5.0.67 69b616d 2017-01-10 [src,egs,scripts] Remove sinusoid detection code and old SGMM code/scripts (#1329)

5.0.68 cd06802 2017-01-10 [src] nnet3: fixed bug (LstmNonlinearityComponent::ZeroStats() was not implemented) (#1302)

5.0.69 748a4a9 2017-01-11 [src] Restore to sgmm2bin (was deleted when sgmmbin deleted)

5.0.70 95f0fec 2017-01-11 [src] nnet1: replacing 'bc' by 'awk' in steps/nnet/ (#1333)

5.0.71 728b303 2017-01-11 [scrips] fix bug in when using G.carpa (#1334)

5.0.72 42291a6 2017-01-12 [doc,egs] Fix path from lm to lmbin in kaldi for dummies and various egs/*/*/

5.0.73 421485e 2017-01-12 [src] nnet3: Remove deprecated options which are no longer used (#1335)

5.0.74 847035e 2017-01-13 [egs] Remove some unused scripts

5.0.75 ea25438 2017-01-13 [build] Fix return code of tools/extras/ (#1337)

5.0.76 e1e7bbf 2017-01-13 [scripts] nnet3: fix to xconfig parsing to enable e.g. "input@-1" in xconfig descriptors (#1338)

5.0.77 18dddc2 2017-01-14 Various refactoring of discriminative training; other fixes.

5.0.78 f546f0f 2017-01-14 Removing option --modify-learning-rates from example nnet3 discriminative training scripts

5.0.79 1dabfa5 2017-01-14 [src] cosmetic changes to rnnlm-related code (#1283)

5.0.80 816fffc 2017-01-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.81 7f99ea4 2017-01-15 Various script updates/fixes for discriminative training scripts; fix issue that Alexander Gorodetski pointed out on list RE a warning.

5.0.82 d023245 2017-01-15 Fix minor bugs

5.0.83 6c27f6b 2017-01-16 Some bug fixes to I/O code for nnet3

5.0.84 4d2c78e 2017-01-16 Some bug fixes to I/O code for nnet3

5.0.85 cbbf120 2017-01-16 Discriminative-training script fixes

5.0.86 6c0a012 2017-01-16 Remove checking code which would fail if code updated in middle of training run.

5.0.87 f7b2fe7 2017-01-16 Bug fix (resolve failing test)

5.0.88 e435334 2017-01-16 Add scripts for discriminative training of TDNNs on swbd. Small bug fix; various minor script improvements/fixes.

5.0.89 d498cdb 2017-01-17 [src]: Removing SetZero() function in nnet3, adding SetAsGradient(). (#1343)

5.0.90 d3787c1 2017-01-17 [src]: Minor updates to sequence training and adjusting priors. (#1345)

5.0.91 390aff4 2017-01-18 [egs] Fix typo in egs/csj/s5/local/ (#1351)

5.0.92 62fe2c7 2017-01-18 Miscellaneous minor bug-fixes

5.0.93 32bc83e 2017-01-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.94 13559c5 2017-01-18 Update tools/Makefile to support OpenFst-1.5.4.

5.0.95 80ccb9b 2017-01-18 Update src/configure to support OpenFst-1.5.4.

5.0.96 d01acbf 2017-01-18 Fix unqualified std::vector occurrences.

5.0.97 4a8aaa8 2017-01-18 Update fstext to support OpenFst-1.5.4.

5.0.98 43993b6 2017-01-18 Add support for API changes in OpenFst-1.5.

5.0.99 2d2d738 2017-01-18 Rework OpenFst related preprocessor conditionals.

5.0.100 d28544e 2017-01-18 Increment configure version

5.0.101 22b1de0 2017-01-18 Fix Minimize calls.

5.0.102 1abf0a7 2017-01-18 Remove OpenFst related compiler flags in src/configure.

5.0.103 b23f720 2017-01-18 Update src/Makefile to enforce OpenFst >= 1.5.3.

5.0.104 bf2ed0a 2017-01-18 Remove code for supporting OpenFst < 1.5.3.

5.0.105 ab7feb0 2017-01-18 Remove obsolete OpenFst version checks in Darwin makefiles.

5.0.106 1fd8e06 2017-01-18 Remove support for OpenFst < 1.5.3 from tools/Makefile

5.0.107 9d0b8a2 2017-01-18 Fix tools/Makefile to resolve travis failure.

5.0.108 f06506b 2017-01-18 Fix src/configure and add C++11 flag to makefiles/*.mk

5.0.109 153c614 2017-01-18 Add check for compiler with C++11 support

5.0.110 ef79b1b 2017-01-18 Update installation instructions.

5.0.111 0f378d8 2017-01-18 Remove a comment in tools/Makefile to resolve the build problem.

5.0.112 c15d5c7 2017-01-18 Add C++11 compliant compiler check and update installation instructions.

5.0.113 7acc3a6 2017-01-18 Refactor makefiles/*.mk

5.0.114 9790d4b 2017-01-18 Clean up configure script.

5.0.115 de68b94 2017-01-18 Update travis script.

5.0.116 f77a33a 2017-01-18 Initialize a few variables to silence compiler warnings.

5.0.117 3981c27 2017-01-18 Fix spacing error in configure.

5.0.118 ec66a31 2017-01-18 Fix travis script.

5.0.119 e185e2f 2017-01-18 Yet another fix for the travis script.

5.0.120 8bccbe0 2017-01-18 One more fix to travis script.

5.0.121 35ea13a 2017-01-18 Quote environment variables defined in travis script to resolve the build error.

5.0.122 41869ea 2017-01-18 Fix the quoting in mtoken function defined in travis script.

5.0.123 3f0fa2a 2017-01-18 Run tests in parallel to avoid the travis timeout.

5.0.124 e271d98 2017-01-18 Reorganize platform specific makefiles.

5.0.125 d8fd0d9 2017-01-18 Further changes to configure.

5.0.126 d454b86 2017-01-18 Configure script now accepts binary flags without the yes/no qualifiers as yes.

5.0.127 2c33bd2 2017-01-18 Small cosmetic changes to platform specific makefiles.

5.0.128 f0f74aa 2017-01-18 Update installation instructions.

5.0.129 ed847d5 2017-01-18 Cosmetic fixes.

5.0.130 262d993 2017-01-18 More cosmetic fixes.

5.0.131 b863e2e 2017-01-18 Further cosmetic fixes.

5.0.132 bc58f3b 2017-01-18 Syncronize ppc64le configuration.

5.0.133 a0accb2 2017-01-18 Update .gitignore.

5.0.134 b3d0e15 2017-01-18 Remove a few include guards that are no longer needed.

5.0.135 e2ecec4 2017-01-18 Upgrade codebase to support OpenFst-1.6.0.

5.0.136 96eec2b 2017-01-18 Stop relinking dynamic libraries whenever they are updated.

5.0.137 c17ee68 2017-01-18 Add -Wno-deprecated-declarations compiler flag to stop warnings about fst::TokenType

5.0.138 a49c20e 2017-01-18 Fix test code to conform with OpenFst-1.6 API.

5.0.139 f9d5e4f 2017-01-18 Add date/time info to travis script.

5.0.140 f4f7f09 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings.

5.0.141 7b03f2c 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings 2.

5.0.142 adacc9d 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings 3.

5.0.143 845f5a0 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings 4.

5.0.144 f6379ce 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings 5.

5.0.145 136120a 2017-01-18 Testing Travis CI with different build settings 6.

5.0.146 339c737 2017-01-18 Various minor fixes and script updates

5.0.147 2630b15 2017-01-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dogan/c++11' into shortcut

5.0.148 012ca31 2017-01-18 Add more specific compilation instructions in configure script

5.0.149 e8e5928 2017-01-19 [src] cudamatrix: added {Cu,}VectorBase::SetRandUniform(), + optimize/fix cu-rand code (#1352)

5.0.150 5e192ad 2017-01-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.151 39c20a7 2017-01-19 [src] Fix compilation issues on mac

5.0.152 665642e 2017-01-19 [src] nnet3: removed the declaration of SetZero() in nnet-utils.h (#1358)

5.0.153 522acd8 2017-01-20 [build] Enable Travis CI on the 'shortcut' branch (#1359)

5.0.154 d117c95 2017-01-20 [src] Some style-related fixes (and fix compiler warnings) in src/lm/

5.0.155 b9c1e8b 2017-01-20 [src] Modify some tests that were slow on travis, to make them faster. (#1347)

5.0.156 ef75572 2017-01-21 [src] Implement CuMatrixBase<Real>::CopyColsFromVec() (#1361)

5.0.157 df730e8 2017-01-21 [src] Implement CuMatrixBase<Real>::CopyColsFromVec() (#1361)

5.0.158 9b22433 2017-01-22 [src] nnet3: modifying nnet-combine.{h,cc} to support soft enforcement of sum-to-one constraint.

5.0.159 98d8a5b 2017-01-22 [src] nnet3: Changing from floating-point to double precision in nnet-combine code.

5.0.160 13c62a9 2017-01-23 [src] cudamatrix: modify test code to guarantee loop only run once if no GPU (#1366)

5.0.161 0440417 2017-01-23 [src,scripts]: Adding dropout schedule option to nnet3 (#1248)

5.0.162 61510ca 2017-01-22 nnet3/report : Modified directory specification options in (#1368)

5.0.163 1582c77 2017-01-23 [src] nnet3: Extending nnet3-combine to support soft enforcement of sum-to-one.

5.0.164 c4bb866 2017-01-23 [src] Add more diagnostic output to lattice determinization programs

5.0.165 5aee234 2017-01-23 [src] Extend nnet3 Nnet reading code to accept .mdl files

5.0.166 44fa7ee 2017-01-23 [src] speed up test chain/

5.0.167 350a9f4 2017-01-23 [src][egs] Various script updates/clarifications, remove no-op options; remove now-removed options from some discriminative-training egs scripts; various bug fixes/tuning.

5.0.168 c7a7cd5 2017-01-24 python level implementation

5.0.169 4507183 2017-01-24 [build] fixing patch for OpenFst's compat.h for Windows build (#1373)

5.0.170 99b7d96 2017-01-24 [scripts] lexicon learning: update missing defaults and help message; other fixes (#1360)

5.0.171 5c205ea 2017-01-24 [scripts] nnet3/report : Added support for parsing latest compute_{train,valid}*.log (#1371)

5.0.172 f42b3ce 2017-01-24 [scripts] nnet1,make_denlats: prevent crash when utt-ids contain slashes (#1374)

5.0.173 82167f9 2017-01-24 [scripts] remove import statement that was creating problems in nnet3 scripts.

5.0.174 c0e415a 2017-01-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.175 c003aa7 2017-01-25 [src] Adding chain version of the combination changes from the last 2 commits

5.0.176 9208165 2017-01-25 [src] nnet3: Add the "per-frame" option to DropoutComponent (#1324)

5.0.177 e227eda 2017-01-25 [doc] Documentation changes; add scripts to automatically add documentation of patch versions.

5.0.178 0c1517c 2017-01-25 [egs] swbd/s5c, chain recipes: fix hardcoded directory name (#1377)

5.0.179 c262026 2017-01-26 [egs][scripts] Adding more example scripts for Tedlium and Swbd; add

5.0.180 eed72e9 2017-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.181 d8c84af 2017-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/combine_sum_to_one' into shortcut

5.0.182 c96a0aa 2017-01-26 [build]: use BSD-compatible mktemp in get_version*.sh; thanks; @andrely.

5.0.183 6ec2eb0 2017-01-26 [build]: fix to previous commit regarding usage of mktemp.

5.0.184 3b7fd1f 2017-01-26 [scripts] Set path in utils/ just like in or to avoid path problems (#1379)

5.0.185 21e4926 2017-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gaofeng/dropout_scripts' into shortcut-dropout

5.0.186 2b667a3 2017-01-26 [egs]: fix some soft links

5.0.187 193bb92 2017-01-26 [build]: minor bug fix in maintenance/documentation script.

5.0.188 5af1983 2017-01-27 [scripts] Fix nnet3 training scripts for bug introduced in #1371

5.0.189 e002c98 2017-01-27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.190 8304148 2017-01-27 Merge branch 'shortcut' into shortcut-dropout

5.0.191 2f8c33d 2017-01-27 [scripts,egs] make steps/dict/ more robust RE empty g2p prons (#1378)

5.0.192 b0e550e 2017-01-27 [src,egs,scripts]: improve use of sum-to-one penalty in combination, provide script support; examples of use of dropout in TDNN+LSTMs; change minibatch-size in combination phase.

5.0.193 9d53e05 2017-01-29 [scripts] nnet3 training: fix for bug introduced when dropout scripting support was merged.

5.0.194 2965ca2 2017-01-29 Merging changes from master into upstream/shortcut

5.0.195 da59179 2017-01-30 [scripts] steps/dict/ minor fixes (#1385)

5.0.196 6549622 2017-01-30 [scripts] change default in nnet3/chain/

5.0.197 93d8865 2017-01-30 [scripts] various minor script fixes or extensions

5.0.198 b22fe7a 2017-01-30 [egs] Adding various tuning scripts on tedlium.

5.0.199 d51a9b3 2017-01-30 [egs] egs/swbd/s5c, minor script updates and new tuning scripts.

5.0.200 9b17a97 2017-01-31 [scripts] add utils/data/, deprecates steps/ (#1386)

5.0.201 6b85ed7 2017-01-31 [egs] Small fixes/additions in Swbd/s5c chain scripts

5.0.202 01d96bf 2017-02-01 [scripts] Fix bug in dropout code found by Tanel Alumae

5.0.203 1b0ec16 2017-02-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.204 67cabd0 2017-02-01 [build]: resolving OpenFst compilation issue with gcc-6.x (#1392)

5.0.205 f1d7891 2017-02-01 [egs] Add new graphemic system for Gale Arabic, with newer nnet scripts (#1298)

5.0.206 80284fe 2017-02-01 [src,egs,scripts]: various minor fixes: make num-epochs continuous; add decay-time to other LSTM types; bug-fix in nnet3 combination code; swbd/s5c results added.

5.0.207 21cfe99 2017-02-02 [build] Windows build: generate missing base/version.h; cosmetic changes (#1397)

5.0.208 cd97bd2 2017-02-02 [build]: Enable cross compilation, including to android. (#726)

5.0.209 60d1c78 2017-02-02 [egs,scripts]: add Swbd/s5c tuning scripts; simplify nnet3+chain 'combination' stage (doesn't affect results; faster); minor info-script fix.

5.0.210 c747ed5 2017-02-06 [build] fixing issue introduced in the previous win commit (#1399)

5.0.211 21c8031 2017-02-07 [egs] Fix to HKUST nnet2/3 scripts. (#1401)

5.0.212 fc333ed 2017-02-08 Resolve conflicts due to cross compilation changes in master (#1400)

5.0.213 dc454cc 2017-02-08 [egs,scripts,src] Add BABEL s5d recipe; various associated fixes (#1356)

5.0.214 9a1244f 2017-02-08 [egs] removing empty files in BABEL recipe (#1406)

5.0.215 001f605 2017-02-09 [scripts,egs] ivector compatibility checks; minor fixes in egs (#1395)

5.0.216 2fd8da9 2017-02-09 [scripts] Give prepare_lang the option to generate more phone disambig symbols (#1408)

5.0.217 42114e6 2017-02-09 [build] make the Makefile checks serial (#1409)

5.0.218 0d5e4b1 2017-02-09 Resolve merge conflicts and add "make ext" to travis build (#1407)

5.0.219 cad3b32 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'master' into shortcut

5.0.220 d9a5312 2017-02-09 Merge pull request #1410 from dogancan/shortcut

5.0.221 bcc71b6 2017-02-09 [egs] sprakbanken recipe: add nnet3 examples.

5.0.222 16afe7a 2017-02-09 [src,egs,scripts]: Replace online-nnet3 decoding setup with 'looped' decoding and give example script with TDNN+LSTM.

5.0.223 7240644 2017-02-09 Merge pull request #1411 from danpovey/shortcut-online

5.0.224 bd73932 2017-02-10 [src] Get rid of clang 3.9 warnings in table-reading code (#1414)

5.0.225 cc1d677 2017-02-10 [egs] egs/fisher_swbd/s5/local/online/, change default stage to 0 (#1416)

5.0.226 0f8905a 2017-02-10 [scripts] Checking ivector extractor id, handle cases when ivector ids do not exist (#1417)

5.0.227 9226202 2017-02-11 [egs] Add example scripts for Frisian-Dutch language (FAME! corpus)

5.0.228 8e0d853 2017-02-11 [scripts] add empty-data checks in (#1394)

5.0.229 5b03ada 2017-02-11 [scripts] Change how the --frame argument is set in non-recurrent DNN training (#1389)

5.0.230 37b5352 2017-02-11 [src,doc] Documentation updates; fixes to comments.

5.0.231 de8d03d 2017-02-13 [scripts,build]: minor fixes only affecting error handling.

5.0.232 17f1e49 2017-02-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into shortcut

5.0.233 4f926fb 2017-02-13 [scripts] Removing tdnn-*-layer from xconfigs (redundant).

5.0.234 502dd6f 2017-02-15 [src] Add element-wise matrix min operation (#1424)

5.0.235 68cee21 2017-02-17 [src] Make various tests faster, especially without GPU (#1428)

5.0.236 8b4c5ec 2017-02-17 [src,egs,scripts]: merge master; change recommended TDNN script for tedlium; add comment in script.

5.0.237 deda2bd 2017-02-17 [src] Make faster when no GPU

5.0.238 2145519 2017-02-17 [build] Updating version file-- this commit marks version 5.1.0

5.0.239 9b9b561 2017-02-17 Kaldi 5.1.0 (#1342)

5.0.240 6477dec 2017-02-17 [build] Change travis build to use clang; remove -rdynamic from CXXFLAGS (it's in LDFLAGS)

5.0.241 23338bf 2017-02-19 [scripts] fix syntax error in [thanks: daniel galvez]

5.0.242 7d538e2 2017-02-19 [build] Increase OpenFst version 1.6.0->1.6.1. (#1434)

5.0.243 8458587 2017-02-20 [build] Use github not sourceforge for IRSTLM [sourceforge repo dead?] (#1435)

5.0.244 d218412 2017-02-20 [egs] clean up the HKUST scripts and add scoring filters (#1436)

Version 5.1

Version 5.1 is the current master branch of Kaldi. Some of the major changes introduced in version 5.1 are:

  • Kaldi now requires C++11 to compile, and we support only the latest version of OpenFst (1.6.0). (This simplifies Kaldi's code, and will later enable the threading code to be rewritten to use C++11's better and more portable mechanisms).
  • The way chunk size and feature context is handled in nnet3 is changed to allow variable chunk size and shorter context at utterance boundaries. See Context and chunk-size in the "nnet3" setup for more information.
  • A new decoding mechanism, Looped decoding, is introduced in nnet3; this allows faster and more-easily-online decoding for recurrent setups (but only unidirectionally-recurrent ones, like LSTMs but not BLSTMs).
  • Online decoding with nnet3 models is now rewritten; it's faster and it supports models like LSTMs.
  • The sequence-training scripts in nnet3 are refactored and are now simpler and use less disk space.
5.1.0 68cee21 2017-02-17 [src] Make various tests faster, especially without GPU (#1428)

5.1.1 2145519 2017-02-17 [build] Updating version file-- this commit marks version 5.1.0

5.1.2 9b9b561 2017-02-17 Kaldi 5.1.0 (#1342)

5.1.3 6477dec 2017-02-17 [build] Change travis build to use clang; remove -rdynamic from CXXFLAGS (it's in LDFLAGS)

5.1.4 23338bf 2017-02-19 [scripts] fix syntax error in [thanks: daniel galvez]

5.1.5 7d538e2 2017-02-19 [build] Increase OpenFst version 1.6.0->1.6.1. (#1434)

5.1.6 8458587 2017-02-20 [build] Use github not sourceforge for IRSTLM [sourceforge repo dead?] (#1435)

5.1.7 d218412 2017-02-20 [egs] clean up the HKUST scripts and add scoring filters (#1436)