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struct  NnetDiscriminativeSupervision
struct  NnetDiscriminativeExample
 NnetDiscriminativeExample is like NnetExample, but specialized for sequence training. More...
struct  NnetDiscriminativeExampleStructureHasher
 This hashing object hashes just the structural aspects of the NnetExample without looking at the value of the features. More...
struct  NnetDiscriminativeExampleStructureCompare
 This comparator object compares just the structural aspects of the NnetDiscriminativeExample without looking at the value of the features. More...
class  DiscriminativeExampleMerger
 This class is responsible for arranging examples in groups that have the same strucure (i.e. More...


 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


typedef TableWriter< KaldiObjectHolder< NnetDiscriminativeExample > > NnetDiscriminativeExampleWriter
typedef SequentialTableReader< KaldiObjectHolder< NnetDiscriminativeExample > > SequentialNnetDiscriminativeExampleReader
typedef RandomAccessTableReader< KaldiObjectHolder< NnetDiscriminativeExample > > RandomAccessNnetDiscriminativeExampleReader


void MergeDiscriminativeExamples (std::vector< NnetDiscriminativeExample > *input, bool compress, NnetDiscriminativeExample *output)
 Appends the given vector of examples (which must be non-empty) into a single output example. More...
void MergeSupervision (const std::vector< const NnetDiscriminativeSupervision *> &inputs, NnetDiscriminativeSupervision *output)
void ShiftDiscriminativeExampleTimes (int32 frame_shift, const std::vector< std::string > &exclude_names, NnetDiscriminativeExample *eg)
 Shifts the time-index t of everything in the input of "eg" by adding "t_offset" to all "t" values– but excluding those with names listed in "exclude_names", e.g. More...
void GetDiscriminativeComputationRequest (const Nnet &nnet, const NnetDiscriminativeExample &eg, bool need_model_derivative, bool store_component_stats, bool use_xent_regularization, bool use_xent_derivative, ComputationRequest *computation_request)
 This function takes a NnetDiscriminativeExample and produces a ComputationRequest. More...
int32 GetDiscriminativeNnetExampleSize (const NnetDiscriminativeExample &a)
 This function returns the 'size' of a discriminative example as defined for purposes of merging egs, which is defined as the largest number of Indexes in any of the inputs or outputs of the example. More...