file  online-feature-pipeline.h
 This file contains a class OnlineFeaturePipeline for online feature extraction, which puts together various pieces into something that has a convenient interface.
file  online-ivector-feature.h
 This file contains code for online iVector extraction in a form compatible with OnlineFeatureInterface.
file  online-nnet2-feature-pipeline.h
 This file contains a different version of the feature-extraction pipeline in online-feature-pipeline.h, specialized for use in neural network decoding with iVectors.


class  RecyclingVector
 This class serves as a storage for feature vectors with an option to limit the memory usage by removing old elements. More...
class  OnlineGenericBaseFeature< C >
 This is a templated class for online feature extraction; it's templated on a class like MfccComputer or PlpComputer that does the basic feature extraction. More...
class  OnlineMatrixFeature
 This class takes a Matrix<BaseFloat> and wraps it as an OnlineFeatureInterface: this can be useful where some earlier stage of feature processing has been done offline but you want to use part of the online pipeline. More...
struct  OnlineCmvnOptions
struct  OnlineCmvnState
 Struct OnlineCmvnState stores the state of CMVN adaptation between utterances (but not the state of the computation within an utterance). More...
class  OnlineCmvn
 This class does an online version of the cepstral mean and [optionally] variance, but note that this is not equivalent to the offline version. More...
struct  OnlineSpliceOptions
class  OnlineSpliceFrames
class  OnlineTransform
 This online-feature class implements any affine or linear transform. More...
class  OnlineDeltaFeature
class  OnlineCacheFeature
 This feature type can be used to cache its input, to avoid repetition of computation in a multi-pass decoding context. More...
class  OnlineAppendFeature
 This online-feature class implements combination of two feature streams (such as pitch, plp) into one stream. More...
struct  OnlineFeaturePipelineCommandLineConfig
 This configuration class is to set up OnlineFeaturePipelineConfig, which in turn is the configuration class for OnlineFeaturePipeline. More...
struct  OnlineFeaturePipelineConfig
 This configuration class is responsible for storing the configuration options for OnlineFeaturePipeline, but it does not set them. More...
class  OnlineFeaturePipeline
 OnlineFeaturePipeline is a class that's responsible for putting together the various stages of the feature-processing pipeline, in an online setting. More...
struct  OnlineIvectorExtractionConfig
 This class includes configuration variables relating to the online iVector extraction, but not including configuration for the "base feature", i.e. More...
struct  OnlineIvectorExtractionInfo
 This struct contains various things that are needed (as const references) by class OnlineIvectorExtractor. More...
struct  OnlineIvectorExtractorAdaptationState
 This class stores the adaptation state from the online iVector extractor, which can help you to initialize the adaptation state for the next utterance of the same speaker in a more informed way. More...
class  OnlineIvectorFeature
 OnlineIvectorFeature is an online feature-extraction class that's responsible for extracting iVectors from raw features such as MFCC, PLP or filterbank. More...
struct  OnlineSilenceWeightingConfig
class  OnlineSilenceWeighting
struct  OnlineNnet2FeaturePipelineConfig
 This configuration class is to set up OnlineNnet2FeaturePipelineInfo, which in turn is the configuration class for OnlineNnet2FeaturePipeline. More...
struct  OnlineNnet2FeaturePipelineInfo
 This class is responsible for storing configuration variables, objects and options for OnlineNnet2FeaturePipeline (including the actual LDA and CMVN-stats matrices, and the iVector extractor, which is a member of ivector_extractor_info. More...
class  OnlineNnet2FeaturePipeline
 OnlineNnet2FeaturePipeline is a class that's responsible for putting together the various parts of the feature-processing pipeline for neural networks, in an online setting. More...


typedef OnlineGenericBaseFeature< MfccComputerOnlineMfcc
typedef OnlineGenericBaseFeature< PlpComputerOnlinePlp
typedef OnlineGenericBaseFeature< FbankComputerOnlineFbank

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