OnlineFeaturePipelineCommandLineConfig Struct Reference

This configuration class is to set up OnlineFeaturePipelineConfig, which in turn is the configuration class for OnlineFeaturePipeline. More...

#include <online-feature-pipeline.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OnlineFeaturePipelineCommandLineConfig ()
void Register (OptionsItf *opts)

Public Attributes

std::string feature_type
std::string mfcc_config
std::string plp_config
std::string fbank_config
bool add_pitch
std::string pitch_config
std::string pitch_process_config
std::string cmvn_config
std::string global_cmvn_stats_rxfilename
bool add_deltas
std::string delta_config
bool splice_feats
std::string splice_config
std::string lda_rxfilename

Detailed Description

This configuration class is to set up OnlineFeaturePipelineConfig, which in turn is the configuration class for OnlineFeaturePipeline.

Instead of taking the options for the parts of the feature pipeline directly, it reads in the names of configuration classes. I'm conflicted about whether this is a wise thing to do, but I think for ease of scripting it's probably better to do it like this.

Definition at line 49 of file online-feature-pipeline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OnlineFeaturePipelineCommandLineConfig()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Register()

void Register ( OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 69 of file online-feature-pipeline.h.

References OptionsItf::Register().

Referenced by main().

69  {
70  opts->Register("feature-type", &feature_type,
71  "Base feature type [mfcc, plp, fbank]");
72  opts->Register("mfcc-config", &mfcc_config, "Configuration file for "
73  "MFCC features (e.g. conf/mfcc.conf)");
74  opts->Register("plp-config", &plp_config, "Configuration file for "
75  "PLP features (e.g. conf/plp.conf)");
76  opts->Register("fbank-config", &fbank_config, "Configuration file for "
77  "filterbank features (e.g. conf/fbank.conf)");
78  opts->Register("add-pitch", &add_pitch, "Append pitch features to raw "
79  "MFCC/PLP features.");
80  opts->Register("pitch-config", &pitch_config, "Configuration file for "
81  "pitch features (e.g. conf/pitch.conf)");
82  opts->Register("pitch-process-config", &pitch_process_config,
83  "Configuration file for post-processing pitch features "
84  "(e.g. conf/pitch_process.conf)");
85  opts->Register("cmvn-config", &cmvn_config, "Configuration class "
86  "file for online CMVN features (e.g. conf/online_cmvn.conf)");
87  opts->Register("global-cmvn-stats", &global_cmvn_stats_rxfilename,
88  "(Extended) filename for global CMVN stats, e.g. obtained "
89  "from 'matrix-sum scp:data/train/cmvn.scp -'");
90  opts->Register("add-deltas", &add_deltas,
91  "Append delta features.");
92  opts->Register("delta-config", &delta_config, "Configuration file for "
93  "delta feature computation (if not supplied, will not apply "
94  "delta features; supply empty config to use defaults.)");
95  opts->Register("splice-feats", &splice_feats, "Splice features with left and "
96  "right context.");
97  opts->Register("splice-config", &splice_config, "Configuration file "
98  "for frame splicing, if done (e.g. prior to LDA)");
99  opts->Register("lda-matrix", &lda_rxfilename, "Filename of LDA matrix (if "
100  "using LDA), e.g. exp/foo/final.mat");
101  }

Member Data Documentation

◆ add_deltas

◆ add_pitch

◆ cmvn_config

std::string cmvn_config

◆ delta_config

std::string delta_config

◆ fbank_config

std::string fbank_config

◆ feature_type

std::string feature_type

◆ global_cmvn_stats_rxfilename

std::string global_cmvn_stats_rxfilename

◆ lda_rxfilename

std::string lda_rxfilename

◆ mfcc_config

std::string mfcc_config

◆ pitch_config

std::string pitch_config

◆ pitch_process_config

std::string pitch_process_config

◆ plp_config

std::string plp_config

◆ splice_config

std::string splice_config

◆ splice_feats

bool splice_feats

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