DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions Struct Reference

#include <determinize-lattice-pruned.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions ()
void Register (kaldi::OptionsItf *opts)

Public Attributes

float delta
int max_mem
bool phone_determinize
bool word_determinize
bool minimize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file determinize-lattice-pruned.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Register()

void Register ( kaldi::OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 163 of file determinize-lattice-pruned.h.

References fst::DeterminizeLatticeDeletePhones(), fst::DeterminizeLatticeInsertPhones(), fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePruned(), fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedWrapper(), fst::DeterminizeLatticePruned(), DeterminizeLatticePrunedOptions::DeterminizeLatticePrunedOptions(), and OptionsItf::Register().

Referenced by main(), LatticeSimpleDecoderConfig::Register(), LatticeFasterDecoderConfig::Register(), and LatticeIncrementalDecoderConfig::Register().

163  {
164  opts->Register("delta", &delta, "Tolerance used in determinization");
165  opts->Register("max-mem", &max_mem, "Maximum approximate memory usage in "
166  "determinization (real usage might be many times this).");
167  opts->Register("phone-determinize", &phone_determinize, "If true, do an "
168  "initial pass of determinization on both phones and words (see"
169  " also --word-determinize)");
170  opts->Register("word-determinize", &word_determinize, "If true, do a second "
171  "pass of determinization on words only (see also "
172  "--phone-determinize)");
173  opts->Register("minimize", &minimize, "If true, push and minimize after "
174  "determinization.");
175  }
virtual void Register(const std::string &name, bool *ptr, const std::string &doc)=0

Member Data Documentation

◆ delta

float delta

Definition at line 147 of file determinize-lattice-pruned.h.

Referenced by fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePruned().

◆ max_mem

◆ minimize

◆ phone_determinize

bool phone_determinize

Definition at line 153 of file determinize-lattice-pruned.h.

Referenced by fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePruned().

◆ word_determinize

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