LatticeFasterDecoderConfig Struct Reference

#include <lattice-faster-decoder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LatticeFasterDecoderConfig ()
void Register (OptionsItf *opts)
void Check () const

Public Attributes

BaseFloat beam
int32 max_active
int32 min_active
BaseFloat lattice_beam
int32 prune_interval
bool determinize_lattice
BaseFloat beam_delta
BaseFloat hash_ratio
BaseFloat prune_scale
fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions det_opts

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LatticeFasterDecoderConfig()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Check()

◆ Register()

void Register ( OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 67 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

References OptionsItf::Register(), and DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions::Register().

Referenced by main(), OnlineNnet2DecodingConfig::Register(), OnlineGmmDecodingConfig::Register(), and OnlineNnet2DecodingThreadedConfig::Register().

67  {
68  det_opts.Register(opts);
69  opts->Register("beam", &beam, "Decoding beam. Larger->slower, more accurate.");
70  opts->Register("max-active", &max_active, "Decoder max active states. Larger->slower; "
71  "more accurate");
72  opts->Register("min-active", &min_active, "Decoder minimum #active states.");
73  opts->Register("lattice-beam", &lattice_beam, "Lattice generation beam. Larger->slower, "
74  "and deeper lattices");
75  opts->Register("prune-interval", &prune_interval, "Interval (in frames) at "
76  "which to prune tokens");
77  opts->Register("determinize-lattice", &determinize_lattice, "If true, "
78  "determinize the lattice (lattice-determinization, keeping only "
79  "best pdf-sequence for each word-sequence).");
80  opts->Register("beam-delta", &beam_delta, "Increment used in decoding-- this "
81  "parameter is obscure and relates to a speedup in the way the "
82  "max-active constraint is applied. Larger is more accurate.");
83  opts->Register("hash-ratio", &hash_ratio, "Setting used in decoder to "
84  "control hash behavior");
85  }
fst::DeterminizeLatticePhonePrunedOptions det_opts

Member Data Documentation

◆ beam

◆ beam_delta

BaseFloat beam_delta

Definition at line 46 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

Referenced by LatticeBiglmFasterDecoder::GetCutoff().

◆ det_opts

◆ determinize_lattice

◆ hash_ratio

BaseFloat hash_ratio

◆ lattice_beam

◆ max_active

int32 max_active

Definition at line 40 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

Referenced by LatticeBiglmFasterDecoder::GetCutoff().

◆ min_active

int32 min_active

Definition at line 41 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

◆ prune_interval

int32 prune_interval

Definition at line 43 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

Referenced by LatticeBiglmFasterDecoder::Decode().

◆ prune_scale

BaseFloat prune_scale

Definition at line 51 of file lattice-faster-decoder.h.

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