NnetComputeProbOptions Struct Reference

#include <nnet-diagnostics.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NnetComputeProbOptions ()
void Register (OptionsItf *opts)

Public Attributes

bool debug_computation
bool compute_deriv
bool compute_accuracy
bool store_component_stats
bool compute_per_dim_accuracy
NnetOptimizeOptions optimize_config
NnetComputeOptions compute_config
CachingOptimizingCompilerOptions compiler_config

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NnetComputeProbOptions()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Register()

void Register ( OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 76 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

References OptionsItf::Register(), NnetComputeOptions::Register(), NnetOptimizeOptions::Register(), and CachingOptimizingCompilerOptions::Register().

Referenced by main().

76  {
77  // compute_deriv is not included in the command line options
78  // because it's not relevant for nnet3-compute-prob.
79  // store_component_stats is not included in the command line
80  // options because it's not relevant for nnet3-compute-prob.
81  opts->Register("debug-computation", &debug_computation, "If true, turn on "
82  "debug for the actual computation (very verbose!)");
83  opts->Register("compute-accuracy", &compute_accuracy, "If true, compute "
84  "accuracy values as well as objective functions");
85  opts->Register("compute-per-dim-accuracy", &compute_per_dim_accuracy,
86  "If true, compute accuracy values per-dim");
88  // register the optimization options with the prefix "optimization".
89  ParseOptions optimization_opts("optimization", opts);
90  optimize_config.Register(&optimization_opts);
91  // register the compiler options with the prefix "compiler".
92  ParseOptions compiler_opts("compiler", opts);
93  compiler_config.Register(&compiler_opts);
94  // register the compute options with the prefix "computation".
95  ParseOptions compute_opts("computation", opts);
96  compute_config.Register(&compute_opts);
97  }
void Register(OptionsItf *opts)
Definition: nnet-optimize.h:84
void Register(OptionsItf *opts)
Definition: nnet-compute.h:42
CachingOptimizingCompilerOptions compiler_config

Member Data Documentation

◆ compiler_config

Definition at line 69 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

◆ compute_accuracy

bool compute_accuracy

Definition at line 58 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

Referenced by NnetComputeProb::ProcessOutputs().

◆ compute_config

◆ compute_deriv

◆ compute_per_dim_accuracy

bool compute_per_dim_accuracy

Definition at line 65 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

Referenced by NnetComputeProb::ProcessOutputs().

◆ debug_computation

bool debug_computation

Definition at line 56 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

◆ optimize_config

NnetOptimizeOptions optimize_config

Definition at line 67 of file nnet-diagnostics.h.

◆ store_component_stats

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