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 This code computes Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) and extracts phone-level pronunciation feature for mispronunciations detection tasks, the reference:


static void GetUpdateDirection (const std::vector< Nnet > &nnets, Nnet *direction)
static void AddDirection (const Nnet &orig_nnet, const Nnet &direction, const VectorBase< BaseFloat > &scales, Nnet *dest)
 Sets "dest" to orig_nnet plus "direction", with each updatable component of "direction" first scaled by the appropriate scale. More...
static BaseFloat ComputeObjfAndGradient (const std::vector< NnetExample > &validation_set, const Vector< double > &scale_params, const Nnet &orig_nnet, const Nnet &direction, Vector< double > *gradient)
void CombineNnetsA (const NnetCombineAconfig &config, const std::vector< NnetExample > &validation_set, const std::vector< Nnet > &nnets, Nnet *nnet_out)