AmDiagGmm Class Reference

#include <am-diag-gmm.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AmDiagGmm ()
 ~AmDiagGmm ()
void Init (const DiagGmm &proto, int32 num_pdfs)
 Initializes with a single "prototype" GMM. More...
void AddPdf (const DiagGmm &gmm)
 Adds a GMM to the model, and increments the total number of PDFs. More...
void CopyFromAmDiagGmm (const AmDiagGmm &other)
 Copies the parameters from another model. Allocates necessary memory. More...
void SplitPdf (int32 idx, int32 target_components, float perturb_factor)
void SplitByCount (const Vector< BaseFloat > &state_occs, int32 target_components, float perturb_factor, BaseFloat power, BaseFloat min_count)
void MergeByCount (const Vector< BaseFloat > &state_occs, int32 target_components, BaseFloat power, BaseFloat min_count)
int32 ComputeGconsts ()
 Sets the gconsts for all the PDFs. More...
BaseFloat LogLikelihood (const int32 pdf_index, const VectorBase< BaseFloat > &data) const
void Read (std::istream &in_stream, bool binary)
void Write (std::ostream &out_stream, bool binary) const
int32 Dim () const
int32 NumPdfs () const
int32 NumGauss () const
int32 NumGaussInPdf (int32 pdf_index) const
DiagGmmGetPdf (int32 pdf_index)
 Accessors. More...
const DiagGmmGetPdf (int32 pdf_index) const
void GetGaussianMean (int32 pdf_index, int32 gauss, VectorBase< BaseFloat > *out) const
void GetGaussianVariance (int32 pdf_index, int32 gauss, VectorBase< BaseFloat > *out) const
void SetGaussianMean (int32 pdf_index, int32 gauss_index, const VectorBase< BaseFloat > &in)
 Mutators. More...

Private Member Functions

void RemovePdf (int32 pdf_index)

Private Attributes

std::vector< DiagGmm * > densities_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file am-diag-gmm.h.

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