WordAlignLatticeLexiconOpts Struct Reference

#include <word-align-lattice-lexicon.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WordAlignLatticeLexiconOpts ()
void Register (OptionsItf *opts)

Public Attributes

int32 partial_word_label
bool reorder
bool test
bool allow_duplicate_paths
BaseFloat max_expand

Detailed Description

Definition at line 120 of file word-align-lattice-lexicon.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WordAlignLatticeLexiconOpts()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Register()

void Register ( OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 131 of file word-align-lattice-lexicon.h.

References OptionsItf::Register(), kaldi::TestWordAlignedLatticeLexicon(), and kaldi::WordAlignLatticeLexicon().

Referenced by main().

131  {
132  opts->Register("partial-word-label", &partial_word_label, "Numeric id of "
133  "word symbol that is to be used for arcs in the word-aligned "
134  "lattice corresponding to partial words at the end of "
135  "\"forced-out\" utterances (zero is OK)");
136  opts->Register("reorder", &reorder, "True if the lattices were generated "
137  "from graphs that had the --reorder option true, relating to "
138  "reordering self-loops (typically true)");
139  opts->Register("test", &test, "If true, testing code will be activated "
140  "(the purpose of this is to validate the algorithm).");
141  opts->Register("allow-duplicate-paths", &allow_duplicate_paths, "Only "
142  "has an effect if --test=true. If true, does not die "
143  "(only prints warnings) if duplicate paths are found. "
144  "This should only happen with very pathological lexicons, "
145  "e.g. as encountered in testing code.");
146  opts->Register("max-expand", &max_expand, "If >0.0, the maximum ratio "
147  "by which we allow the lattice-alignment code to increase the #states"
148  "in a lattice (vs. the phone-aligned lattice) before we fail and "
149  "refuse to align the lattice. This is helpful in order to "
150  "prevent 'pathological' lattices from causing the program to "
151  "exhaust memory. Actual max-states is 1000 + max-expand * "
152  "orig-num-states.");
153  }

Member Data Documentation

◆ allow_duplicate_paths

bool allow_duplicate_paths

◆ max_expand

BaseFloat max_expand

Definition at line 125 of file word-align-lattice-lexicon.h.

Referenced by kaldi::WordAlignLatticeLexicon().

◆ partial_word_label

int32 partial_word_label

Definition at line 121 of file word-align-lattice-lexicon.h.

Referenced by kaldi::WordAlignLatticeLexicon().

◆ reorder

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