OnlineGmmDecodingConfig Struct Reference

#include <online-gmm-decoding.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OnlineGmmDecodingConfig ()
void Register (OptionsItf *opts)

Public Attributes

BaseFloat fmllr_lattice_beam
BasisFmllrOptions basis_opts
LatticeFasterDecoderConfig faster_decoder_opts
OnlineGmmDecodingAdaptationPolicyConfig adaptation_policy_opts
std::string online_alimdl_rxfilename
std::string model_rxfilename
std::string rescore_model_rxfilename
std::string fmllr_basis_rxfilename
BaseFloat acoustic_scale
std::string silence_phones
BaseFloat silence_weight

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file online-gmm-decoding.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OnlineGmmDecodingConfig()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Register()

void Register ( OptionsItf opts)

Definition at line 125 of file online-gmm-decoding.h.

References OptionsItf::Register(), BasisFmllrOptions::Register(), LatticeFasterDecoderConfig::Register(), and OnlineGmmDecodingAdaptationPolicyConfig::Register().

Referenced by main().

125  {
126  { // register basis_opts with prefix, there are getting to be too many
127  // options.
128  ParseOptions basis_po("basis", opts);
129  basis_opts.Register(&basis_po);
130  }
133  opts->Register("acoustic-scale", &acoustic_scale,
134  "Scaling factor for acoustic likelihoods");
135  opts->Register("silence-phones", &silence_phones,
136  "Colon-separated list of integer ids of silence phones, e.g. "
137  "1:2:3 (affects adaptation).");
138  opts->Register("silence-weight", &silence_weight,
139  "Weight applied to silence frames for fMLLR estimation (if "
140  "--silence-phones option is supplied)");
141  opts->Register("fmllr-lattice-beam", &fmllr_lattice_beam, "Beam used in "
142  "pruning lattices for fMLLR estimation");
143  opts->Register("online-alignment-model", &online_alimdl_rxfilename,
144  "(Extended) filename for model trained with online CMN "
145  "features, e.g. from apply-cmvn-online.");
146  opts->Register("model", &model_rxfilename, "(Extended) filename for model, "
147  "typically the one used for fMLLR computation. Required option.");
148  opts->Register("rescore-model", &rescore_model_rxfilename, "(Extended) filename "
149  "for model to rescore lattices with, e.g. discriminatively trained"
150  "model, if it differs from that supplied to --model option. Must"
151  "have the same tree.");
152  opts->Register("fmllr-basis", &fmllr_basis_rxfilename, "(Extended) filename "
153  "of fMLLR basis object, as output by gmm-basis-fmllr-training");
154  }
void Register(OptionsItf *opts)
LatticeFasterDecoderConfig faster_decoder_opts
OnlineGmmDecodingAdaptationPolicyConfig adaptation_policy_opts

Member Data Documentation

◆ acoustic_scale

◆ adaptation_policy_opts

◆ basis_opts

BasisFmllrOptions basis_opts

Definition at line 98 of file online-gmm-decoding.h.

Referenced by SingleUtteranceGmmDecoder::EstimateFmllr().

◆ faster_decoder_opts

LatticeFasterDecoderConfig faster_decoder_opts

Definition at line 100 of file online-gmm-decoding.h.

Referenced by SingleUtteranceGmmDecoder::GetLattice().

◆ fmllr_basis_rxfilename

std::string fmllr_basis_rxfilename

◆ fmllr_lattice_beam

BaseFloat fmllr_lattice_beam

◆ model_rxfilename

std::string model_rxfilename

◆ online_alimdl_rxfilename

std::string online_alimdl_rxfilename

◆ rescore_model_rxfilename

std::string rescore_model_rxfilename

◆ silence_phones

std::string silence_phones

◆ silence_weight

BaseFloat silence_weight

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